Watch Works

At The Diamond Works' O.R. Tambo Duty Free Outlet, watch aficionados will discover a premium selection of brands, including Longines, Bell & Ross, Rado, and Tissot. Each brand brings its unique heritage and precision craftsmanship to the collection, offering a range of styles from classic elegance to modern sophistication. This curated selection caters to diverse tastes and preferences, emphasizing quality and design. Explore the exquisite collection to find a timepiece that not only tells time but also tells a story.
Discover the savoir-faire of Swiss watchmaking with Hublot watches. Thanks to the “Art of Fusion”, Hublot offers unique and daring timepieces. Dive into the heart of watchmaking innovation with Hublot luxury watches. Unique designs, pioneering in-house movements and rare materials: discover Hublot watches.
Bell & Ross is renowned for its distinctive blend of aviation history and Swiss watchmaking precision. These watches stand out for their unique designs that prioritize legibility, functionality, and reliability, catering to professionals who demand the utmost in accuracy under extreme conditions. Bell & Ross merges aesthetic appeal with practical use, making their timepieces a symbol of sophistication and adventure.
Longines epitomizes the core of elegance and tradition in watchmaking. With a rich heritage dating back to 1832, Longines excels in crafting timepieces that embody precision and timeless design. Renowned for their connection to sports timing and aviation, Longines watches offer a perfect blend of sophistication and performance, appealing to those who appreciate history and the finer details in craftsmanship.
Rado stands out for its pioneering use of high-tech materials to create watches that are durable, scratch-resistant, and comfortable. Known for its innovative designs, Rado focuses on the fusion of technology and beauty, resulting in timepieces that are both visually stunning and built to last. This brand appeals to those who value innovation in their pursuit of a modern, sophisticated watch.
Tissot is celebrated for its commitment to innovation and excellence in Swiss watchmaking since 1853. Tissot watches combine traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology, offering a range of styles that cater to various tastes and needs. Known for their reliability, precision, and elegance, Tissot timepieces are perfect for those who appreciate a classic watch with contemporary features.