Tanzanite Jewels

Crafted African Beauty, Tanzanite Jewellery Made to your taste.


Crafting tanzanite jewellery requires a sophisticated skillset focused on artistry and precision, creating a way to wear and carry your rare tranzanite with you everyday. 

This process begins with meticulous selection, ensuring only the finest tanzanite gems are chosen for their vibrant colours and clarity. Skilled artisans then cut and polish the stones, enhancing their natural beauty. 

The tanzanite is carefully set into various designs, from classic to contemporary, using metals that complement its distinctive natural hues. Each piece of tanzanite jewellery, be it a ring, neckpiece, or earrings, shares a story of craftsmanship and origin, making it a coveted treasure.

The Diamond Works grades, defines and searches for the perfect diamond proportion, polish and symmetry.

Tanzanite, a blue mystical gem, has earned a reputation for possessing magical powers. It is believed that it has the power to elevate the bearer’s mood, restore spiritual balance and bring good fortune.

The Diamond Works hand-selects each superior tanzanite stone for its collections, from an already rare available assortment.

In appreciation of this captivating gem, The Diamond Works tells the historic tale of tanzanite, showcasing a first-hand cutting and polishing demonstration and wide range of the most elegant tanzanite jewellery pieces – offering the opportunity to take home a piece of rare African beauty.

The Sparkling Tour

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