The tanzanite is then given to a skilful craftsman, who places the gemstone against a spinning wheel. During the polishing process, the gemstone is given its unique facets while being frequently checked by the cutter; they will make each facet is polished and aligned with the rest of the gem. After the polishing process, the tanzanite will be transported to the Tanzanite International grading facility, where the gemstones are checked for clarity, colour, cut and carat weight.

During the cutting and polishing process the specialised craftsmen will examine the gemstone in order to determine the best cut and shape for the specific tanzanite. To determine the shape and cut of the gemstone is an extremely delegate process; if the gemstone isn’t cut perfectly it will have a negative impact on the value.

To make sure the gemstone is smooth all around another tanzanite stone on a dop stick is used to polish the corners off perfectly. Afterwards the tanzanite gemstone is cut into the preferred shape suggested by the gemstone specialist. Before, the gemstone undergoes polishing it is sent for a quality check to ensure the bruiting process went according to plan.