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Paris Fashion Week 2014 – Balenciaga Inspiration

Paris Fashion week 2014 brought some great trends onto the runway that will definitely translate into fashion on the streets for Spring 2015. Our favorite trend this year is the geometric trend, it brings about a fun, edgy way to enhance your wardrobe this season with distinctive lines and fascinating color-blocking techniques. The Diamond Works jewelers found their inspiration in Alexander Wang’s Balenciaga embellishments, in Alexander Wang’s words, “We started thinking a lot this season about opulence, with the mood feeling very… restrained in fashion lately, we thought, Let’s go indulgent!”. Our jewelers really have pulled out all the stops with this gorgeous piece in platinum and white diamonds. These sleek geometric fashion finds are sure to attract fashionistas looking for the next big thing to hit the runway, and these designs will continue to dominate clothing and accessories for a while to come.

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