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The Diamond Works


Emerging gold artisan. Nathan launched his I AM African collection with design inspired by the beauty and wildlife of Africa, and now continues his goldsmith journey with ongoing inspiration.

Nathan’s world has always comprised of gold, fire and time around the goldsmith bench; mentored by his grandfather, mother and father who have dedicated their lives to the art, inspired Nathan at the youngest age to embrace his natural heritage.

Working for the family discovering the secrets of many hours of practical knowledge has given Nathan an advantage. Patience, care and attention to detail are the heavenly given qualities that reaffirm that Nathan was meant to be a craftsman.

Passion driven by creation of precious pieces that are focused on showcasing and complementing unique and hand selected gems. Gold and precious metal work is done to incorporate meaning and a means of carrying a precious stone and memory or moment with you every day. The beauty in representing a feeling in an eternal way is a unique gift.

Nathan’s journey continues as part of The Diamond Works family, motivated by creating lasting moments for special people placed along his path. Fulfilling dreams, diamond desires and special works for clients is the very reason he says that his work is truly a labour of love.


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