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Introductory Jewellery Making Workshops With Goldsmith Russel Lavigre

Creating a piece of artwork that you are able to wear provides meaning to your jewellery. The Diamond Works and their goldsmith, Russel Lavigre has created a Jewellery Making Workshop where you are able to make your very own jewellery piece and wear it start out of the store.

Russel has become one of The Diamond Works most treasured team members. Russel started within the jewellery industry as a polisher in 1991. Over the years he’s work has developed, gaining new skills and growing his craft to design and create true gold pieces of art. During the start of his career jewellery pieces were predominately all made by hand – the “old school way” and this was the foundation that moulded Russel’s abilities. During Russel’s career he completed his Trade Test Training at the Olifantsfontein Training Centre and became a qualified goldsmith. Russel now chooses to work in silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Over the years within the trade, there have been a number of progressions goldsmith techniques and added technology, despite this, the importance of understanding the use of the older techniques still remains vital.

Russel explains that “The great goldsmiths he once worked side-by-side, have started moving on”, leading him to a feeling of responsibility to his trade and thus training his two sons, Nathan and Callen the art of becoming a great goldsmith as in order to keep the art alive. The Diamonds Works and Russel have been in partnership for more than 7 years working alongside one another to bring the best pieces to life.

Russell shares that the best part of being a goldsmith is not only creating a piece of jewellery but the happiness he helps create for his clients in bringing their vision to life. Jewellery is a very personal treasure and it is bought as a token to celebrate life’s most memorable moments; from your engagement ring, to your wedding band and even a neckpiece for an 18th birthday – each piece will be a reminder of that special moment.

Due to high demand, Russel and The Diamond Works continue to host Jewellery Making Workshops. Guests will be able to enjoy creating their very own pieces set in sterling silver with a glass of bottomless bubbles and chocolate truffles. Guests will be guided through the process with one of our amazing goldsmiths.

Visit www.webtickets.co.za to see current workshop classes available.

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