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International Jewellery Trends 2021

This 2021 comes with many exciting jewellery trends as most of 2020 was spent in the comfort of our homes in sweats and slippers. This year’s jewellery trends have everyone stepping out of their comfort zone in chunks of bold pieces.

A tennis bracelet or fresh water pearl necklace that you would have normally been worn for a special occasion, could amplify an everyday outfit quickly. Many of the jewellery pieces have been brought back to life by making small layering changes.

A few pieces that weren’t worn in 2020 can now be layered up to add a sparkle to your outfit. This year allows for jewellery pieces of different metals to be worn together as it is no longer seen as a scandal. Especially now with everyone on their way back to work, looking to add a statement piece to your average work fit. With stacker rings on the rise again adding sparkles to your typing hands and a chunky chain around the neck, your outfit will definitely be a show-stopper. Cocktail rings can also add a pop of colour to a dull and boring dress, their chunky colour with interlocked gems can make a huge difference. A flash of colour is always needed and with coloured stones and beautiful sparkling gems making a comeback, who could resist a bold gold ring with a colour diamond or an oversized Sapphire.

When it comes to a neck piece this year, apply the rule “the more, the merrier”. Chains of different links such as the Curb chains, Figaro chains or the snack chains can now be layered up. Even a plain necklace with a stunning diamond pendant can be layered with a beautiful chain. Pearl pieces have spiced up many outfits and this year it is a MUST. A small change to your average pearl necklace would be adding a gold chain, taking you from grandma’s pearls to runway.

Let’s move along to earrings, super-sized hoops were very big last season but for 2021 you’ll still be seeing your beloved hoops just on a lower scale, with some diamonds indented into them or shells cut-off hanging alongside them. Mismatched earrings are also slowly creeping into the limelight and making its appearance on the runways. Baguette diamond dangle drop earrings have also become a beautiful statement piece and could now be worn on a daily.

The magic that is jewellery can really change your mood and confidence when wearing the right pieces. Jewellery can either make or break a whole outfit and the fun part about 2021 pieces it’s very difficult to go wrong this season. So have fun combining metal, stacking rings, layering diamond pendant and chunky chains, wearing your oversized Sapphire ring and turning your average outfit to a show-stopper.

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