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The Diamond Works

For the Love of Diamonds

Splinters rained from the sky like tears from the gods, diamonds have been associated with purity, strength, wealth, virtue, power and most importantly love. In all their beauty, diamonds, precious stones from the earth; rough, raw and found in assortment have become an eternal token of endearment. For thousands of years, mankind has been infatuated by the beauty of diamonds, harbouring an undying love affair with the stone.

Transforming a rough diamond into a precise treasured gem demands careful craftsmanship and skilled techniques. It takes an intricate process, which can last for hours of cutting and polishing to simply transform one single rough diamond into a beautiful jewel that sparkles as the light dances against its edges.

The science or art of diamond cutting is the skill of transforming a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. Not just anyone can be entrusted to cut a diamond, it can take up to 10 years of skilful expertise for a diamond cutter to gain the credentials to simply touch a one carat diamond or larger. Diamond cutting involves specialized understanding, tools, apparatus and methods.

The Diamond Works Institute is considered a true South African diamond and jewellery expert; dedicated to the art of diamond cutting; an expert undertaking, demonstrating the diamond cutting process. For 15 years the Institute has devoted its work to the love of diamonds. Today, an appreciation for diamonds has evolved, not to only appreciate any diamond, but to lose one’s heart to a truly rare diamond- The Diamond Works diamond.

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