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Date: 2024-12-02

Time:10:00 PM (Duration 1 Hour)

Discover the Brilliance:
Journey into the World of Natural Diamonds

Welcome to South Africa’s best diamond destination, an awe-inspiring institute that will take you on an enchanting voyage through the captivating world of diamonds. Located at the heart of the city, our museum is a celebration of the most precious gemstone on Earth, offering visitors an immersive and educational experience like no other.

Formation 2
Unearth the Secrets of Nature:

Geological Marvels

Step into the wonders of geological time and unravel the mysteries of diamond formation. Our exhibits will transport you deep beneath the Earth’s surface to witness the miraculous processes that create these dazzling gems over millions of years. You’ll be captivated by the extraordinary journey diamonds take from the depths of the Earth to the hands of skilled artisans.

5 The Hope Diamond
Stories of Legends:

Famous Diamonds

Prepare to be dazzled as we showcase some of the most renowned diamonds within history. From the legendary Hope Diamond to the awe-inspiring Koh-i-Noor, our museum institute houses an exquisite collection of iconic replica gems that have left their indelible mark on the world’s cultural heritage.

Craftsmanship and Artistry:

The Diamond Journey

Delve into the craftsmanship and artistry that transforms rough natural diamonds into brilliant masterpieces. Witness the delicate process of cutting and polishing, where skilled artisans work tirelessly to unleash the inner radiance of each stone. Immerse yourself in the world of fine jewellery, where innovation and tradition meet to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Diamonds - History
Sparkling Cultural Heritage:

Diamonds Across Cultures

Explore how South African diamonds have transcended borders and cultures, symbolizing love, power, and  prosperity throughout history. From royal crowns to symbolic amulets, our exhibits reveal South African diamonds have stood centre stage as a token that offers multifaceted significance across various societies, making diamonds cherished treasures of the past and the present.

diamond grading
The Science of Brilliance:

Grading and Beyond

Understand what fundamentals make a diamond expert as you learn about the fascinating science behind diamond grading. Discover the four Cs – cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight – and understand how they impact a diamond’s value and brilliance. Engage with our hands-on team and learn to evaluate diamonds like a seasoned gemmologist.
Commitment to Sustainability
Ethical Sourcing:

A Commitment to Sustainability

The Diamond Works prides itself in promoting responsible practices within the diamond industry. Learn about our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable mining, supporting communities and protecting the environment. Witness how our efforts contribute to a brighter future for the social circumstances in Africa.
Unforgettable Experiences:

Sparkling Memories

Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and allure. Our museum offers a range of unforgettable experiences, from virtual reality adventures into diamond mines to hands-on workshops with expert jewellers. Create lasting memories as you explore the
shimmering beauty of diamonds from every angle.

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Whether you are a jewelry enthusiast, a history lover, or simply seeking an extraordinary experience, the Diamond Museum awaits your discovery. Unveil the captivating tales of these timeless gemstones and leave with a newfound appreciation for their enduring allure.

Embrace the Brilliance:
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Explore, learn, and be enchanted as you embark on a journey that celebrates the brilliance of diamonds.
Plan your visit to the Diamond Museum, where dreams sparkle, and history comes to life.

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What Customers Say
Randy Inge ManchestRandy Inge Manchest
09:25 28 May 24
Sunil KumarSunil Kumar
09:56 04 Apr 24
You can see the art of diamond cutting along with a complimentary glass of a choice of wine. The famous Cullinan diamond is featured here. Could also see Tanzanite stone. This store is more of a retail outlet.We went there as part of Cape town city sightseeing tour. We were not having plan to buy such precious jewelry and diamonds, but had a good view of the diamond works. The outlet is well laid out right in the city. The staff was very welcoming and informative.Visit the place if you are inclined to buy diamonds or precious stones.
Flo BasukisaFlo Basukisa
08:10 07 Mar 24
Melanie StockmannMelanie Stockmann
08:05 07 Mar 24
Lina MohammedLina Mohammed
04:16 14 Feb 24
Informative, nice collection and very expensive
16:31 10 Feb 24
Had a great time sipping on sparkling wine and looking at the exquisite diamonds and tanzanites on display. Bought a pair of Tanzanite stud earrings that look amazing. The sales person knew the product and provided excellent customer service. Worth visiting even just to gain some knowledge on diamonds, Tanzanites.
Inga MabaxaInga Mabaxa
08:05 01 Feb 24
yann tusseyann tusse
08:03 01 Feb 24
jihad adamsjihad adams
08:02 01 Feb 24
Magan JadeMagan Jade
06:52 11 Jan 24
Quality diamonds and great service, absolutely love the energy. Thanks guys for an amazing experience.
magan Jademagan Jade
09:08 03 Jan 24
Michael RodeMichael Rode
19:52 02 Dec 23
Nice people. But the prices for diamonds are completely off. They charge 2.5 times market value.
Michelle AndrewMichelle Andrew
10:05 27 Oct 23
Amazing experience with the best quality jewelry available.
Moegamat SaffodienMoegamat Saffodien
19:15 16 Sep 23
Very friendly staff helpfull and affordable prices
Jacque HinesJacque Hines
23:40 07 Aug 23
I celebrated my 60th birthday with a trip to South Africa. On my first day in Cape Town the group tour guide made a surprise stop at the Diamond Works Cape Town. A few of us indulged in champagne mimosas while listening to a brief presentation by Asiphe about diamonds (color, clarity, cut , carat weight, and cost). Once Asiphe apprised us of a 50% discount available for our group, the women quickly began to shop while the men prayed. I'm usually not drawn to expensive jewelry (life style and budget), but the occasion compelled me to browse. Most surprisingly I actually found a pair of earrings that I love. The discounted price my ears heard Asiphe quote in Rands fit my budget. A perfect intersection. I excitedly whipped out my bank card and made the purchase. I was so excited. I returned to the hotel showing off my new diamonds. Finally, I took a moment to review the purchase text message from my bank. The Dollar amount noted inside the text was nearly $900 more than I expected. This was a mistake that had to be corrected. Immediately, I requested the hotel driver take me back to the Diamond Works store. Asiphe was still at the store and smiling when I arrived. I discretely explained to her what I believed was a keypunch mistake. I was so sad when she explained that I had misunderstood the price. No shocker. It was my first day in South Africa. Asiphe was very understanding when I explained that the cost was outside my budget and I'd have to return the earrings. To execute the return, Asiphe had to get her manager Mel who was equally understanding of my plight. As Mel began to process the return, I continued to express to Asiphe my disappointment in not being able to keep the gift that I'd purchased for myself. Overhearing our conversation Mel reacted to the news of it being both my birthday and first day in Cape Town. She stopped processing the return. "What can you afford?" Mel asked me. I stated the discounted amount I originally believed to be the cost. She countered higher, but I simply couldn't pay a single dollar more than the discounted amount I originally believed to be the cost. With that I was resolved to complete the return. However, Mel was also resolved not to allow me to leave in disappointment on my birthday and first day in Cape Town. She asked me sit and have a cup of hot tea while she checked on a few things. Less than five minutes later, Asiphe shared the good news. Although Mel was still in the back talking with someone, she'd sent message that I would be keeping my birthday gift earrings and the nearly $900 credit adjustment would be made to my account!! A few minutes later Mel emerged from the back office and processed the credit adjustment, provided me a new receipt, and handed me my certified diamond earrings. Thrilled is an understatement of how I felt. I am so grateful to both Mel and Asiphe for their patience, understanding, kindness, and generosity. They were essential in setting the perfect pace for my entire trip. I'm back in the United States and I can't stop telling anyone who'll listen about the amazing God blessed experiences I enjoyed in South Africa...starting with my first day at The Diamond Works Cape Town.
Pamela Bedini CadizPamela Bedini Cadiz
19:23 29 Jun 23
Very good servicios.Thanks
Anand PalliwarAnand Palliwar
01:27 20 Jun 23
Gaudencia GwanzuraGaudencia Gwanzura
16:31 19 Jun 23
Cynthia AyekaCynthia Ayeka
07:14 17 Jun 23
Diamonds are truly forever...experience luxury and beauty with a view of the craftsmanship that goes into it.
Natalia Da RochaNatalia Da Rocha
14:51 11 Jun 23
Spaces and Places that you would not walk in without knowing what happend behind secured doors. I was excited to be invited by Jetsetting Janet to an event at the Diamond Works. What an interesting venue to have a gathering of like minded people to listen to an author and to see and experience the venue. There was delicious catering and some exciting prizes to be won: several sponsored pamper weekends, getaways and so much more. Each person received a goodie bag. A few Thai ladies heightened this experience by doing shoulder and neck Massages. This was definitely a pamper session in a surrounding that a girl could only dream of.Congratulations to Jetsetting Janet for taking us into spaces unknown to us ❤️❤️❤️❤️
edwin legoteedwin legote
20:25 15 Feb 23
I've learned a lot about diamonds.
Ronil ShahRonil Shah
16:16 03 Feb 23
Never buy from here. Not good place, diamond bought from here has no good value.
amir roostaeeamir roostaee
16:14 27 Dec 22
Best place for the tourists.They gives you certificate for all tanzinate and diamonds . Very nice place you can get good story about gold . Dimond and tanzinate
If you’re looking for unique things to do in Cape Town then the Diamond Works Tanzanite Experience is most definitely for you. Tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than a diamond and is the only coloured gemstone with its own grading system. The tour aptly starts with a glass of bubbly where after the intricate process of making Tanzanite jewellery is explained and demonstrated. The tour is very informative and to be honest, it will make you think twice before purchasing precious gemstones from commercial jewellery stores again! They also offer a jewellery making workshop with bottomless bubbly which is perfect for end-of-year functions or for a group of friends.
Seifu BakundaSeifu Bakunda
11:07 29 Nov 22
Great place to shop diamonds,tanzanite and watches.Nice people and great info given
Gareth DallasGareth Dallas
05:03 22 Nov 22
Amazing display and one should definitely take a tour about diamonds and diamond cutting.
Kate LeeKate Lee
08:49 15 Nov 22
Great party of Friday, good food and wine and amazing people!
Nur EderiesNur Ederies
20:06 11 Nov 22
Always best service friendly staff
Muntie GalaMuntie Gala
06:30 24 Apr 22
I love visiting The Diamond Works, they have a free Sparkley Diamond Tour and gorgeous pieces of jewellery to choose from, especially there Tanzanite collection, the most stunning pieces and the color of the Tanzanite is exquisite, if you in Cape Town make a booking for the tour and enjoy your shopping very good prices indeed on there jewellery.
Helet BorchardtHelet Borchardt
05:38 15 Mar 22
Awesome Tanzanite Demo and gin tasting on Saturday. Perfect event to get focussed on being creative and forgetting about all the noise in life. Well done Team Diamond Works... we had 2 hours of so much fun! Highly recommended Ladies!
Gasant JacobsGasant Jacobs
19:22 11 Feb 22
It was amazing. I always like to visit the Diamond Works.
Pierre FouriePierre Fourie
06:53 23 Jan 22
As always very professional and great snacks
sabrie orriesabrie orrie
17:36 20 Jan 22
It's perfect for a Diamond Cutting Tour... Knowledgeable Staff..
JYJUTY jadenJYJUTY jaden
13:00 15 Jul 21
Best place ever
andrea steynandrea steyn
05:26 01 Sep 17
To experience beautiful things come here. There is a workshop and store, Internet cafe and coffee/champagne station.