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21 years of love and light

Dev and Parinta Jeaven’s love story of 21 years and counting – all started by helping the community. These two kind souls were members of a Youth Society called the YuvakSungh, meaning Youth Group where they met. The youth society involved them in doing all types of fund raising for their communities bringing people of all different cultures together; fashion shows , events and dances were all part of their activities.

Both of their interests were what brought them closer and closer together. What started off as friends catching a coffee every now and then would then lead to Dev asking Parinta on their very first date.

Their first date started at Nando’s, where they got to know one another on a more personal level. They enjoyed one another’s company, it didn’t matter where they were or what they were doing as long as they were together. This went on for more or less six months of building a great friendship. Dev says that their common interest and love for travel developed into Your Second Homeland Travel & Tour.

On Parinta’s 30th birthday he popped the question as he took her to a restaurant before her surprise birthday party. He gave her a Rose and said; “this isn’t your gift”, he gave her a Gold Sovereign and said; “this isn’t your gift” and then gave her the ring and said; “this is your gift, will you marry me”. And she obviously said yes! The two of them then joined the surprise party waiting for her at home. Four months later they had their engagement ceremony.

Not too long after the two became one at a Temple in Rylands. Their three day celebration and festivities commenced with dancing, where all of their family members joined in on the celebration. Their second day continued with small functions of where they adorned their hands and feet with henna patterns and on the last day 5th of December 1999, they tied the knot.

More than a year later, the beautiful couple had their first child. Dev always call’s Parinta his uncut diamond because together they could polish and shape one another into the beautiful diamonds that they have become today. 21 years later and they couldn’t be more in love , despite all of life’s thunder and rain, love continues to shine.

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