Beneath the surface of the rich African soil lie the most sought-after treasures and gems known to man.

In 1967, on the foothills of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, the most Eastern reaches of Africa, Tanzania, the indigenous Masai tribe uncovered the rare gem – tanzanite. The only tanzanite mine in the world.

The Diamond Works celebrates tanzanite’s African heritage and true beauty with its captivating narrative of discovery by the native Masai people of Tanzania, to the alluring deep blues and violets this stone presents itself in, tanzanite is truly the essence of Africa.

The geological discovery of tanzanite has been described as a geological phenomenon, giving rise to tanzanite’s unparalleled scarcity. A gem so rare it is limited to a single generation.

In appreciation of this captivating gem, The Diamond Works tells the historic tale of tanzanite, showcasing a first-hand cutting and polishing demonstration and wide range of the most elegant tanzanite jewellery pieces – offering the opportunity to take home a piece of rare African beauty.