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The Diamond Works

Travel with UnionPay International and seek the best destinations

The Diamond Works Institute recognises premium partnerships and partnering with UnionPay is no different.

Travel the world with UnionPay International and seek the best destinations.
The Diamond Works Institute is all about the destination and shares the journey of the diamond from mine to the showcase in a complimentary Sparkling Tour.

UnionPay your passport to discovery, is now accepted at all leading The Diamond Works store destinations.
Convenience provided by a world class financial service provider; offering tax refunds with a UnionPay card at your discretion when using your card abroad.
This offer is available over 38 countries and regions around the world and makes your tax refund available directly on you UnionPay card with added no currency exchange charge.

Purchasing with confidence is a value The Diamond Works Institute facilitates.
As part of our partnership with UnionPay, The Diamond Works offers all UnionPay guests an exclusive discount on purchase plus an added tanzanite gift. This offer is limited to partnership terms.
Premium diamonds and tanzanite at exclusive offers, carrying international certification.
Also, available at selected outlets are exclusive luxury watch brands.

Explore what UnionPay has on offer;

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