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Tanzanite: The essence of Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro, known as the White Mountain, ‘mountain of greatness’ formed by massive tectonic activity over 585 million years ago in the northern part of Tanzania, brought prosperity and fortune in many ways for its people. One reason being, that it is home to a rare and exquisite gem called Tanzanite.

Legend has it that along the majestic foothills of this beautiful mountain; a Masaai tribesman had been walking and stumbled upon the shimmering lights of crystals, he celebrated by gathering as much as possible in the hope that it would bring fortune to his people.

These findings were of great significance bewildering gemmologists worldwide with its extreme rarity and uniqueness. The trichroism of crystal form is a natural phenomenon with its breath taking hues of violets, blues, and purples.

Tanzanite has become one of the most sought-after pieces for collectors throughout the world because of its historic heritage that is limited to a single generation of people. ‘One in a million’ as they say. We believe this beautiful stone captures the heart of Africa, our very essence.

Visit us to see the works of, Tanzanite faceting and polishing in its raw form and take home a piece of our hearts.

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