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My heart belongs to Africa

When you think of Africa, you think of beautiful landscapes, beaches to wetlands, deserts to mountains and endless amounts of picturesque sunsets. The Motherland is what Africa is known as, the very birthday place of the mankind – The Land of the beginning. Nature is at the heart of Africa and it is seen in the way we maintain our wild life, our lands and our oceans. The love for our land is shown in our rich culture and unique way of living off the land. Africa and her 54 unforgettable countries will show you the meaning of an incredible continent.

Africa is known for rich music, unique dancing and vibrant textiles. The bold music can bring a crowed to life with clapping and dancing, experiencing something so significant can change how you move to the beat.

There are many hidden gems that Mother Africa has to offer, this is why Africa has become such a desired destination. She possesses everything one need’s for an adventurous vacation. Let’s look at the top five hidden gems within Africa:

Uganda being an exquisite country attracts many tourists with its mystical landscapes. Uganda has even been recognized by National Geographic to have one of the best hikes in the world, the snowy Rwenzori Mountains. These hikes are always covered in snow and glaciers. The lower parts of nature contain montane forest with beautiful trees and coloured moss that covers the mountain and drapes the trees like curtains. Who can forget about one of Africa’s largest lakes, Lake Victoria. It also had five surrounding islands worthy of exploring with one with them being Ssese which is seen to be one of the top ten world’s hidden treasures. With so many outdoor activities you would never want to leave.

Rwanda would be the second hidden gem within Africa, known for its gorilla trekking and rainforests. There are also other opportunities of adventure such as hiking to volcanoes where you are able see many different magnificent caves. Not to mention the countless animals who call Rwanda home, hippo’s, elephant and more than 700 kinds of birds.

Madagascar another hidden gem as it is the fourth largest island in the world and of course the beaches and the views are something you’ve only see in movies. Their unique wild life fills the rainforests and makes Madagascar a photographers dream location. Honeymooners flock to the paradise island for relaxation with a picturesque view. Another reason to fall in love with this beautiful place would be the magical sea life. Scuba diving would be on the bucket list for things to do on your vacation.

Tanzania, the home of the beautiful Tanzanite stone as well as Mount Kilimanjaro. The beautiful Tanzania has over 120 languages and 120 tribes, each significant in their own way. With many activities to do in Tanzania, game reserves and national parks is definitely the way to go as they make up 40 percent of the country’s land. Zanzibar is another part of Tanzania you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Tanzania is also very rich in culture due to their history, creating a unique twist of traditions, music, dances and arts.

Seychelles would be the last hidden gem, known for its gorgeous beaches and relaxing atmosphere. This beautiful destination leaves you wanting to snorkel all day and take boat tours to experience the sea and its beauty. Seychelles allows you to get up close and personal with marine life.

Africa – your one-stop location for adventure. There are still so many more hidden gems that would increase your love for Africa.

All of these beautiful countries to keep your heart beating to the African beat, The Diamond Works has decided to give away a Tanzanite Map Pendant to show Africa the love it deserves this Valentine’s Day.

Show that your heart belongs to Africa this Valentine’s Day by posting a picture of yourself doing an activity within our beautiful country, such as hiking, swimming in our oceans or even paragliding in Africa and tag The Diamond Works. Last step would be to hash tag #MyHeartBelongsToAfrica and you could stand a chance to win the beautiful Tanzanite Map Pendant.  With all of these spectacular location’s in one continent who wouldn’t love their homeland, Mother Africa.

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