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Make-up Workshop with Lindy Lin

The Diamond Works has recently entered a partnership with the beautiful celebrity make-up artist / influencer Lindy De Saude. Lindy is the proud owner of her own clothing brand and caters to all women of size, her brand is stocked at the store We Are Egg. She prides herself in creating a woman of power through bring out the true beauty in her clients, which is exactly what The Diamond Works creates when providing a piece of jewellery to their clients.

The talented Lindy Lin is 1 of 4 siblings and grew up in Transkei with a Dutch and Taiwanese heritage. She has always been passionate about fashion and intrigued by the art of make-up. Moving to Cape Town was important to start her education and to build a career. She received her Diploma in Make-up and Prosthetics and opened her own Studio called Lindy Lin Beauty Studio. Another achievement would be that she has now become one of Cape Town’s most elite influences with over 100k followers.

She has also ventured into giving online classes for make-up artists who are learning the ropes of art in make-up. These online classes provide tips, techniques and personalized feedback which could take your Make-Up artistry skills to a whole new level.  These classes are in collaboration with Progressive Short Courses and they provide you a certificate once completed. Empower women and being original is one of Lindy’s main goals in life.

Her interest included traveling, fitness and animals and has done many collaborations with brands such as Kellogg’s, Prosana, Sunglass hut and many more. She has also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Clicks Beauty, E! Entertainment and Expresso

In understand special moments are what counts the most, Lindy works her magic with brides of all colours as well as matric ball ladies. As the Diamond works encourages special moments as well, we have collaborated with Lindy Lin to encourage the flow of artists through our doors.

For information and to buy your ticket visit the link below:

L I N D Y L I N (scheduleme.co.za)

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