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Vincent Clayton sets the official record for 500 summits of Lion’s Head within 440 days through the Lion500 Challenge. 

Vincent hangs his hard hat up at 5pm and then makes his way to Lion’s head. The love affair with the mountain has consumed Vincent, through burning passion he has found his way on the notorious trail time after time. His heart was set on fire at the tender age of 16, summiting Lion’s Head for the very first time. Falling for the beauty and untamed nature of the climb was uninterrupted as Vincent had no distraction of cellphone disruption or garmin tracking; the experience was pure, just him and the mountain.

Years later, committing to the Lion 500 Challenge was a no-brainer for Vincent. This avid outdoor man was already enchanted by the extension of the Table Mountain range and was eager to share his enthusiasm in aid of a noble cause. Lion 500 is an NPO that values mental health and requires its challengers to commit their efforts to an organisation that benefits others in a positive way by means of raising funds to better reach their principled goals.

Vincent humbly redirects focus from his honourable achievements and shares the value he has received on his journey in achieving this record. Vincent highlights the beauty of the mountain and its surroundings; the views, the tiny creatures who inhabit the peak and oh the way the light touches everything, just so uniquely, each and every time he finds himself in the familiar territory.

Remaining mindful of the beauty of the changing scape, the sunrises and sunsets, how they unfold, this is the start of renewed thinking and Vincent admits that this stretch of sand and stone is truly medicine, his medicine. Lion’s Head has tested him, taught him the limits of his body and the strength of his mind. Encountering like-minded visitors along his way, on the ups and downs, has been a bridge of connection that has taken his devotion to new heights. Vincent plans on achieving 1000 Lion’s Head summits with the Lion 500 Challenge, not stopping there, he wants to challenge himself to how many summits he can complete within 24 hours. Taking up trail running in recent years Vincent continues to push his own limits and lose himself in the natural loveliness of Cape Town.




And obviously, find Vinny on the mountain!  

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