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Inside Story – Mark Gieljoumie Jewelvest Gemologist

Meet Mark Gieljoumie, one of Cape Town’s leading certified gemologists.

A gemologist’s verve worthy of sharing; Mark’s journey began 25 years ago as a Cape Town art student applying for a position as a jewellery designer’s assistant. Thrilled for the opportunity, Mark’s journey in the jewellery industry was set in motion. According to Mark, “I didn’t choose this industry, the industry chose me”.

Embarking on freelance jewellery design, Mark unsurprisingly built up a name within the industry and within no time was offered the position as Head of Diamonds at a mass production firm in Hong Kong. Advancing his career, Mark was promoted as the Head of Research Development, overseeing the design and style development processes for larger jewellery retail companies now based in South Africa.

Mark’s eagerness and pursuit for personal growth never slowed down and his fervour to travel steered him on an adventure around the world – sailing aboard cruise liners, still very much with jewellery at the heart of it all. The scientific aspect of jewellery and gemstones particularly appealed to him.

Returning to Cape Town, Mark holds credentials attained with the assistance of the University of Stellenbosch, and accreditation as a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemology Institute of America (G.I.A).

Mark’s experience and study results in a marriage of science and art through which he carefully oversees the quality control and sourcing of all diamonds and tanzanite for The Diamond Works Institute. In true artistic fashion, his heart falls to his hands as he holds each precious gem to the light as to discover what truly sets each gem apart and whether it makes The Diamond Works cut.

Mark’s rare and skilled approach of genius and craftsmanship, with an eye for perfection, is the very reason for delivering true excellence.

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