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An award of recognition from an ex-senior NYPD officer to The Diamond Works team

Neldra Zeigler, a former deputy commissioner of equal employment opportunity for the NYPD, visited The Diamond Works Institute in Cape Town and presented two employees with an award token in recognition of exceptional service.

In the New York Police Department (NYPD), there are two parts to the team, a civilian part and a uniform part. The civilian side is responsible for the services that support and manage the various departments, while the uniformed side is responsible for law enforcement and criminal investigations.

The civilian part is managed by the commissioner, the chief of staff and the first deputy commissioner. Therefore, each department in the NYPD civilian part is managed by a special deputy commissioner. These departments include the equal employment opportunity (EEO) department.

The NYPD’s EEO department will identify, prevent and correct any violations of the law regarding employment discrimination in the organisation, provide information and training to employees on equal opportunities, and monitor and change employment if necessary, in terms of equal opportunities. This body is very important to maintain equal opportunities in the NYPD workforce.

The Diamond Works Institute was fortunate and honoured in welcoming to our Cape Town showroom, Neldra Zeigler, who has head up the EEO department, holding the title of Deputy Commissioner. Zeigler has taken retirement after 21 loyal years to the NYPD, from 1997 to 2018.

After visiting our showroom, Zeigler was truly taken by the hospitality and quality of service offered to her by our sales consultants, Kirk and Tulay, both unaware of her former position. In an exceptional gesture of thanks, Zeigler presented each of the consultants with one of her limited NYPD challenge coins. Each coin reflected both position as Deputy Commissioner on Equal Employment Opportunity, and her 21-year career with the organisation.

These limited coins are awarded only by the NYPD, as in honour of the individuals committed to serving the greater good of fellow Americans. These awards are presented at the honoury ceremonies that host the attendance of government departments and squads, all contributing to the sense of camaraderie.

The entire team at The Diamond Works Institute would like to thank Ms. Zeigler for this significant award and recognition in appreciation for service.

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