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African Tails – saving one pet at a time!

We all know that many animals in South Africa face terrible hardships. This is caused by not only social and economic problems, but the over-breeding of pets. When there are simply not enough good and sustainable homes for these animals; it leads to suffering, cruelty and neglect. Furthermore uncontrolled breeding leads to the spread of zoonotic and other diseases, stray and abandoned animals, animal fights as well as huge pressure on local shelters and animal welfares.
However, there is hope! The only pro-active way to eradicate this problem is through mass sterilisation campaigns. African Tails’ campaigns go hand-in-hand with educational and living condition interventions, in order to ensure a happy, healthy and empathetic community for all.

One unsterilized female dog and her unsterilised offspring can result in 67000 puppies in six years!

African Tails (NPO 063-755) was founded on the dusty streets of the Du Noon township in Cape Town in 2006. Their key focus area differs substantially from other animal welfare organisations in the Western Cape.

From the onset, African Tails recognised the need to address the cause, rather than the symptoms of the dire state of many animals in Cape Town’s informal settlements. They therefore fund and implement active Mass Sterilisation Campaigns and Education Programmes in informal settlements.

The only way of minimizing animal abuse, neglect and suffering is by reducing the number of unwanted and stray animals found on the streets of townships.

Since inception, African Tails:
• Sterilised just over 15,000 cats and dogs
• Fed a minimum of 10,100 animals
• offered medical treatment to more than 4,000 animals

Every R500 will pay for the sterilisation of one animal.

You can help make a difference! Join The Diamond Works on Saturday, 2 November 2019 for the Xplorex fundraising event in aid of African Tails.

12 unique speakers. 12 incredible stories. 1 day. 1 goal.
The XploreX team has put together a one-day TEDx-style speaking event, which will take place at The Italian Club of Cape Town to feature the remarkable stories of our explorers, and raise funds for African Tails (a non-profit dedicated to saving our street dogs).

The line-up is incredible and the day will no doubt be one of Cape Town’s annual highlights
Jason Van’t Slot is the world’s first cyclist with Cystic Fibrosis to complete a Cape Epic. He pushes the limits of CF daily – and encourages others to do the same in their own lives.
Liezel van der Westhuizen is known as a stellar radio and TV presenter, but she has also undertaken numerous adventures, like piloting a blind cyclist on tandem for 550km – in just 8 days.
Malcom Russel spent six years of his life at sea, on a homebuilt yacht, and attempted to sail around the world with his brother at age 74.
Tegan Phillips completed an 11,000km bike trip through Africa, as well as the length of 10 IronMan Triathlons in New Zealand.
Alex Jackson has circumnavigated South Africa by motorbike and is a member of Ride for Rhinos (bikers against poaching).
Arafat Gatabazi is an open water swimmer and refugee who travelled from the Congo, and through 5 different countries when he was just a teenager, to find a home in South Africa.
Chaeli Mycroft has Cerebral Palsy, has summitted Mt Kilimanjaro, completed multiple Comrades Marathons and continues to challenge people’s perceptions about what they believe is impossible.
Willie Richards has completed numerous adventures over 500km, including 19 Ultra duathlons in 19 days (1845km). In September he’ll take on an unsupported running and cycling adventure of over 1500km.
Richard Kohler has sailed a yacht across the Indian ocean and will soon cross the ocean on a kayak. He hopes that sharing his stories will encourage others to do the same.
Lesley Rochat is known as The Shark Warrior. She’s a wildlife photographer, conservationist and free-diver on a mission to save our oceans.
Kosta Nektarios Papageorgiou this intrepid traveller and athlete is close to his target of completing 500 ascents of Lion’s Head. The Lion 500 Challenge is an effort to inspire people from all walks of life to get back to what humans were designed to do. Be a collaobrative part of nature.
Christopher Venter went blind during a 30,000km scootering adventure from Cape Town to Dublin. Refusing to let that stop him, he has taken on an array of other adventures since.

Over and above the 12 presentations by the adventurers, there will be live entertainment and a full day program, MC’d professionally with great sound, lots of prizes, displays and a mouth-watering meal provided by the Italian club of Cape Town.

Book a table for 8 at only R3000.

Ticket Sales: https://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=1492504968

Please contact Dalene on 082 922 4534 for more information.


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