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Discover the Namibian diamond

Namibia; a breathtaking wilderness rich in history, wildlife, ever moving desert and seascapes. Best known for its population diversity; a home where Bushmen, Damara, Namaqua, Bantu and German residents live side by side. This beautiful country boasts a rarity of harmonious splendor despite its opposing heritage and terrain. A unique wonder to behold, Namibia is abundant in natural resources and recognized, most importantly, for its diamonds.

Found in 1908, the history of the Namibian diamond trade unraveled when Zacharias Lewala, a railroad worker, stumbled upon a diamond that changed the course of history. Within days of his discovery, a diamond rush broke out near the town of Luderitz, now known as one of Namibia’s most famous diamond sites.
To control the trade, The German Government branded the area “Sperregebiet” (Prohibited Area). Small towns quickly rose and fell in development of the trade, leaving a profusion of skeleton ruins in their wake. Post World War II, Namibia gained its independence and control over its resources, changing the diamond trade and the everlasting journey of the Namibian diamond.

The Diamond Works unfolds the value and magnificence of the unique Namibian diamond, by sharing the tale of the journey the Namibian diamond trade has travelled and survived as a significant part of African history.

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