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Cape Town, the city we love

As the oldest city in South Africa, Cape Town is ingrained with a rich history and cultural idiosyncrasies which are often overlooked.

The Mother City was established in 1488, Bartholomeu Dias and his crew. They were the first European travellers to discover Cape Town. The San Khoikhoi also know as Bushmen had been hunting and gathering for many years before Cape Town had been discovered.

The City of natural beauty, sea breeze air and warm welcomes allows for a variety of exciting experience and adventures. Cape Town has everything you need for a great vacation, from Table Mountain to the Two Ocean Aquarium as well as wine tasting in Stellenbosch, not to mention the countless museums, art galleries, wildlife parks and so much more.

The sandstone natural wonder that is Table Mountain, thought to be over 600 million years old. For many tourists coming to Cape Town, Table Mountain would be one of their “bucket list” experiences. There are two options for travelling up the 1085 meter high mountain, you could either travel by Cable Car and take in the breathtaking views or make use of the hiking trail with some friends and family. There are over 1500 different types of plant life found, many of which can only be found on Table Mountain.

The Two Oceans Aquarium where the beauty and education of marine life takes place. Discover fascinating facts about the underwater world by taking a walk through the halls of the aquarium, hundreds of tanks display many different type of marine life. Peer into the tanks of sharks, tropical fish, rays and jelly fish. A popular activity at the aquarium would be watching the feeding sessions in each exhibition as well as taking a walk through penguin “Island”, where you are able to see and experience the interaction of the penguin day-to-day activities. This experience will allow for fun learning for many families.

For a scenic drive just an half an hour outside of Cape Town, awaits the lushes greenery of Stellenbosch. 1971 dates the start of the wine route. Not only is Stellenbosch the home of the best local wines but homes the beauty of architecture bought to life. Stellenbosch hosts many different events and activities such as music, art and wine festivals. The vibrant energy that escapes Stellenbosch keeps you coming back for more.

Due to the rich heritage and the amount of talented artists in Cape Town there are many different museums, art galleries and heritage related activities such as the Heart of Cape Town Museum, Zeitz Mocaa, District Six Museum, Iziko South Africa Museum and Planetarium and the Cape of Good Hope Castle. The Heart of Cape Town Museum provides you with the experience of the world’s first heart transplant performed by Prof. Chris Barnard in 1967. The emotional story told with a guide and life sized silicone models will provide you with a realistic experience. The Zeitz Mocaa museum contains contempary art spread over nine floors with a variety of cutting edge exhibitions. Within the Museum there are moving images, photography and peformative practice exhibited, there are also supporting educational programmes provide with each piece of artwork. The wildlife parks such as Seal Island and Boulders Beach Penguin Colony, will allow for some family fun.

Come on and experience Cape Town with all its nature, wildlife, adventure and picturesque views.
There is so much more that this beautiful city has to offer. For more interesting facts about our beautiful Mother City have a look at the link below:

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