The Diamond Works
The Diamond Works

John Grant, wine lover.

An appreciator of world class craftsmanship, The Diamond Works continues to notice and celebrate fine living and opulent artistry.

The owner and director of Wine Escapes, John Grant is a phenomenal wine ambassador, focusing on the Cape Winelands Industry, highlighting the world of local winemaker stories, their prestigious wines and the historical properties they hail from.

John Grant started his journey within the wine industry while studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Cape Town.  John began with an appointment at The Buitenverwachting Restaurant and during this time quickly gained the realisation that the quality of wine related to more than just the winemaking process but rather the influence of the process and elements of farming in growing the grapes which are used to manufacture the wine.

John began tasting many amazing wines and his passion for wine was ignited . Burning with industry passion, John took up a position at Belthazar Restaurant and Wine Bar as a “sommelier”, at this point still unofficially qualified. John later received his certificate in wine through the Cape Wine Academy. Led to greater exposure of wines and their winemakers, John became completely consumed with the art of wine and within this moment the vision for Wine Escape was born.

Wine Escape is a specialist wine tourism company focusing on bespoke tours of the Cape Winelands. The private tours originally created by John and his wife have grown into an offering from a team of six wine guide experts, all of whom share a common passion for wine, Cape Winelands and South Africa. The COVID 19 pandemic and restrictions have created developments within Wine Escape, and now international online wine courses and virtual tasting experiences dominate the teams’ offerings . Wine Escapes have officially partnered with The Vine Tribe, a channel aimed at bringing South African wineries into individual homes virtually. Making wine accessible to all is a true driver for John.

John says; “Wine can seem terribly pretentious at times, with the use of big adjectives to describe flavours but when you meet the winemakers, they are usually the most down to earth people who just want to make something delicious to drink from their grapes.”  He also goes on to say that whenever you go wine tasting enjoy the experience, relax and if you do decide to describe what it is you are tasting, remember you are never be wrong. The wine tasting experience is personal and the only person’s opinion that counts is yours!

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